Sunday, November 3, 2013

Oh, Parenting!! (Slow Down and Enjoy It!)

It amazes me how a child can both infuriate you and make you proud in almost the same moment. 

Paisley's independent, strong-willed, dramatic and somewhat OCD personality can make me feel like I'm going to snap some days. (And if I'm honest, I shouldn't be surprised at her personality...the apple hasn't fallen far from the tree). But in the same moment, when I take a deep breath and sit back and watch her, I'm overwhelmed with amazement and pride. I can't help but wonder what she will be when she grows up, how in the world the Lord plans to use all these gifts she already has. I think of what her future husband will be like (and pray for him like crazy)! I imagine the impact her life will have on others. She's absolutely a natural leader. She's smarter than I know what to do with sometimes. She's adventurous, fearless, determined. She can say the exact things that will push your buttons, but...she's honest. She's joyful, creative, kind, and compassionate. She doesn't believe in enemies. She delights in the little things. She's curious and remembers everything. She loves Jesus. She doesn't believe in the word "impossible."  She loves taking care of people.

Just tonight as we were eating dinner, she was driving us crazy... She was pretty much ignoring every request to sit in her seat the right way and just eat. She had a million questions and was near bouncing off the walls. We were tired, stressed - just wanting to relax for a minute. She put her foot up on the table and I almost snapped imagining the food and drink (and probably her) hitting the floor in the next few seconds. But then instead, I sat back and watched her for a second. She took a huge bite and, while chewing, spun around in her chair putting her feet over the back. She leaned her head back and giggled, looking up at the ceiling, then glancing over to see if I was watching. I just smiled. She turned back around in her chair, sticking her foot back on the table. This time she balanced her fork on her leg, then leaned forward to see of she could reach her cup and take a sip without knocking the fork down. She lit up when she did it. She stretched and sighed with satisfaction. This continued for a few minutes...creativity, "challenges", and pure delight. (And she ate her dinner.)

She's such an amazing little girl. She truly is well-behaved, though has her moments like any child. But it reminded me how easy it would be to miss out on her true personality and how easy it would be to try to mold her into the "model child" (not that I really believe in that - or even want it. How boring compared to this!). It's easy to want things to run smoothly as planned. It's natural to have expectations that a child obey rules, listen, etc...and I fully believe in raising a disciplined child. But sometimes, i think we need to slow down and just watch what they do with a little freedom. I think we could so easily miss out on the gift that is our unique children that we have the privilege of raising for something bigger than we know! I am so proud of her, so amazed by her, and can learn so much from her! Please friends...don't get caught up in the rush of life and miss finding out who your child REALLY is!!

Also, expect me to need reminders on this because watching Adelyn these days makes me realize I'm certainly in for a double dose of BIG personality! :)

Monday, January 14, 2013

Three Amazing Years!

Our beautiful Paisley Joy turned 3 today and I think I'm in denial!
How can my first baby girl already be such a big girl?! I watched her today and was just amazed at how much she has grown in the past 3 years! We've had a blast celebrating her big day! So in honor of our ball of joyful energy - 3 things we celebrate about our 3 year old...

ATTITUDE // Sometimes her pure sassiness makes us wanna scream, but most of the time, we love her 'tude! She is so independent and has such strength and confidence! She faces challenges boldly! She is always optimistic. And she loves being the boss! :)

COMPASSION // Paisley is one of the most selfless toddlers I know. She is constantly thinking of others. She shares, she's always checking on how others are doing, she's giving and she just loves people! Paisley is genuinely concerned for others. If she sees someone crying, she hugs them and tells them it'll be okay and sits with them til they're better. She loves singing about and talking about Jesus' love! It is so incredible watching her compassion in action!

ENERGY // She is a ball of energy! She would much rather run around like crazy than ever sleep. She's like an energizer bunny and her energy is filled with pure joy! She is so fun (and exhausting) to watch!! And maybe her energy is past of what makes her so hilarious! This girl is crazy funny! She's so witty and loves to laugh! Everyone needs a little Paisley in their lives...she makes everything better.

Happy birthday to our princess! We are so proud of you and who you are becoming! We love being your parents, sweet girl! You make every day brighter!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Introducing Adelyn Jane...

It's been 3 wonderful (and exhausting) weeks since little Adelyn Jane joined our family, so thought I'd finally get around to posting about it for those of you who have asked! As most of you know this pregnancy definitely had its challenges. Over the last couple weeks before she was born I was technically in active, but stalled, labor. I was having regular and painful contractions for weeks, cramping that felt like I was being stabbed with knives, nausea, and intense pressure from her being so low. There were several times we were all sure she was on her way out, even the doctor, but then....nothing! For weeks I was at the point of being ready for her to come since even the Tylenol codeine didn't dull the pain, and it was said that what my body was doing was a "medical mystery", but we (doctor included) determined that timing was definitely God's doing! We had several tests and sonograms over the last weeks of pregnancy that basically showed that my body had "given up" on being pregnant and Adelyn was not growing as well anymore. It was decided to closely monitor us both and keep her in for development purposes for as long as it was safe. At 36 weeks she was still not growing and the umbilical cord was weakening. But miraculously, she was hanging in there and her organs continuing to develop/strengthen! However, with my medical issues and the fact that she was not benefiting from staying in any longer, it was decided to induce. Even though I had been in active labor, dilation was stalled. We still wanted to do a natural birth, but since I didn't progress well with pitocin last time and Adelyn was so small my doctor did set some limits. Basically we would start induction very slowly to keep Adelyn from distress and then see if I made any progress over a few hours (with Paisley I was maxed out on pitocin 3 times over 36 hours before it did anything) and then evaluate the plan again. My doctor knew my history, but said she had a good feeling we'd have a sweet little baby by 6-8pm. I thought that was a bit ambitious, but sounded nice!

We checked into the hospital at 6am on Friday, November 30th and began the pitocin. We were optimistic that it would work since I had been having contractions for weeks and she was so low. After several hours, nothing. They decided to give the pitocin a good jump and see if that would got painful, but progression was still extremely slow. I was getting a little frustrated, but then at about 3pm I really felt like my water broke, though I didn't have any big gushes. I told my nurse, but she wasn't so sure. She did the paper test and it didn't show amniotic fluid, so she told me I was just losing bladder control with strong contractions. After another 45 minutes of it, I was so sure I was not peeing my bed!! My doctor came back in and said if I thought my water broke she was sure it did, even if the test didn't show it. She checked and I had developed a high tear in the amniotic sac... Yes, weird again, but then a few minutes later, it finally fully broke. We were all so excited that labor may finally get moving. Within a few minutes, contractions got pretty excruciating but I still had a way to go with dilation. The nurse told me I may want to reconsider pain meds or an epidural, but I remained stubborn. Like I said with Paisley's birth - you get to a point with enduring so much pain that you don't care anymore and just want to tough it out and not give in right before the finish line. (I know, I'm crazy.)

At about 5pm, dilation began progressing, but the contractions got out of control. The pitocin was turned way down, but the contractions were coming basically on top of each other and were too intense. With the pain and no chance to catch my breath, I was basically blacking out between major contractions and Adelyn was showing some distress as her heart rate would drop extremely low with the big contractions. I was put on oxygen and they continued to work to slow the contractions as I still wasn't dilated enough to have her yet. Zach was awesome during this time, though I knew he was really concerned and kept having to shake me out of the blackouts... He let me squeeze the heck out of his hands during the pain and he played me videos and sound clips of Paisley singing and dancing to help distract me! As they started to get the contractions slightly more controlled, my doctor and the nurses stepped outside the room to give me a little peace and said they'd come back in awhile to check my progress. Probably less than 5 minutes after they stepped out (it was just after 7:15 when I looked at the clock), I just had this horrible feeling that Adelyn was just going to pop out. I had Zach call for the doctor immediately. She had been standing right outside the door because she had a feeling Adelyn was going to come fast when she decided to make her appearance. Well, she was fast in fact that I couldn't control the pushing part. I was only at an 8 but we knew she was coming NOW. The doctor told me to try to "squeeze her in" while she got her gloves on, etc. (easier said than done...I had no control, but I layed on my side, crossed my legs and squeezed as hard as I could - LOL!). I think the doctor got one glove on by the time Adelyn was making her way out! And at 7:22pm, voila! We had a tiny, beautiful baby!!!

We were all thrilled to see how healthy she was! We had been prepared for a NICU stay, but our little teeny 5 pound, 17" daughter was a fighter! We actually only ended up having to stay in the hospital until Sunday!! It was amazing and such a blessing! My doctor came to visit several times and told me with teary eyes what a sweet little miracle Adelyn was....and after making it through the crazy labor all natural again, she said I was her heroine, but also one of the most crazy women she knew. Lol...ask my parents, and my husband... I've always been on the stubborn side! (did i mention how much we LOVE my doctor?! she is amazing!! And we had great nurses! Also, if you haven't heard about our cute grandma nurse.....well, she loved Zach! haha!)

So,Adelyn is doing great! She truly is very strong and we are so thankful that the Lord kept her in for so long so she could be more developed. Despite so many times when there were risks of her coming so early...He always had the perfect plan! We're all adjusting to being a family of four, but we just feel so much more complete having our TWO GORGEOUS DAUGHTERS! Paisley adores Adelyn and is such a great helper! I'm not sure Adelyn was prepared to receive the number of hugs and kisses she gets in a day from her sister, but she knows she's loved!

So that's it... We are so thrilled to celebrate Christmas with our two girls here at home! Happy Holidays to all and again, we can't thank you enough for your prayers throughout this pregnancy and delivery!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Resting and Nesting

Unfortunately, the two don't really go together...but it's the stage I'm stuck in. Modified bed rest and an over-the-top urge to finish nesting. So, read on if you want all the details!

Anyone who knows me knows that "rest" is not really a part of my vocabulary..... I don't like to do it and I hardly know how. However, I've been on strict modified bed rest for a couple months now - and it seems to keep getting stricter (and harder). Of course I'd do anything for the sake of my precious children and so resting it is. I know little Adelyn could care less about which little DIY projects I finish before she comes. We have the essentials done (and honestly a LOT more)! But there is still that part of me dying to deep clean everything in the house, make more decor for the nursery, plan recipes for after she comes, rearrange furniture.... you know, all the things that if I don't get done, we won't survive!! LOL!

But, I'm trying! I'm faithfully putting in my daily hours of bed rest, no matter how uncomfortable or boring. I'm crossing things off my to-do list that are becoming more and more unrealistic (yes, Zach is a HUGE help...but I don't expect him to sew extra crib sheets or changing pad covers in the perfect colors....or create a fancy new DIY mobile!) I'm finding creative ways to do things (like cut and pin things to sew) from a bed rest position- until Zach makes me stop! :)

We really do appreciate everyone who has checked in on my health, Zach and Paisley's sanity, and of course, Adelyn! Medically, we've had ups and downs. I continue to have contractions (and unfortunately they're not B-H), lots of cramping, and it's all causing my body to progress more quickly toward labor than hoped. I got the news that my uterus is much more "damaged" than once thought and my cervix is fragile and hanging in there, but close to useless (i know, sorry it's TMI for some). 

But there have been huge victories too! My doctor had a very honest conversation with me a few weeks back and said that if we had asked her (or her fellow OBs) in my first trimester how this pregnancy would go, she would've continued to encourage me as she did, but would've told me my chances of carrying even to 20 weeks were poor. But I (thankfully) didn't ask about chances....and she knew that I was already aware it could be tough so she decided the best thing was to encourage me, keep stress low as possible, celebrate each little milestone, pray and trust God, and honestly discuss obstacles as they arose. Have I mentioned how much we love my doctor?? She is amazing!!

And here we are nearing 32 weeks. This was one of the major milestones she set for me (30 was the first). Baby is staying strong. We've been able to stop contractions early enough each time. I'm not having to stay in the hospital. And another victory last week - one issue had been that Adelyn was already "locked and loaded" in my pelvis with her head pushing down (NOT helpful with my other issues). The doctor has been having me try extra rest and elevating my legs and pelvis to try to at least alleviate the pressure. This week, she actually "disengaged" and turned transverse again!!! Doc says it's a miracle she wasn't expecting, but should certainly help me carry her longer if we keep the contractions controlled! We laughed that in a few weeks we'll probably be praying for her to turn down again! oh life!!

So, we're hanging in there.... We're to the "safe zone", meaning even if she came now she has excellent chances. Every day/week means a healthier girl with a shorter NICU stay and happier parents! Next goal is Nov 9 (into the 34th week), but really we're shooting for Nov 14th when I'll have my last sono and testing. Anytime after that, my doctor will likely not stop labor from progressing. It's close to the time I had Paisley (and we all know how she turned out!!!), and it probably won't be worth the risk of complications to me after that point....

We'll keep you posted, but again, we can't thank you enough for the prayers!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Baby Girl has a NAME!!!!!!!

After much deliberation and searching for the perfect girl name, we had it narrowed down.... but we were still having trouble deciding. We wanted a name that was unique, meaningful, fitting....and it was difficult to decide in the end! So, we decided to let Paisley make the final decision! She's been so excited to have a baby sister and we really wanted her to be involved in the areas that she can. So, we gave her 3 names and she immediately chose one. In fact, she chose the same name over and over, even we tried to 'trick' her! :)  So, it's settled....

adelyn jane snyder

...will be joining our family soon!! The name worked out perfectly! We had been really trying to incorporate Evelyn into one of our children's names. Besides just being a beautiful and elegant name, Evelyn was my grandmother's name (my mom's mom). She was an incredible grandma and a wonderful and beautiful woman who did so much for others! I wish she could've been here to see me get married and to meet her grandchildren...but I know she's still watching over us and smiling. So we took one of our favorite names and switched it up a bit to add Evelyn to it, and voila - Adelyn! Adelyn also means "noble beauty".... :)  We also love the one syllable middle names, and had a couple that we loved. But then we thought it would be fun to stick with middle names that start with J, and that took us down to just one on our list....Jane! We've both really been drawn to the name Jane for some reason. It's beautiful, simple and means "God is gracious" and "gift of God". We also just found out from Zach's grandma that it was her grandma's (Zach's great, great grandma) name. She had wanted the name Jane passed on in the family. Zach's grandma didn't find out until after she had all of her children because her grandma had died at such a young age..... It was so fun for us to find this out! Our daughter will have names passed on from both sides of the family now!!!!

So, there you have it! Adelyn Jane is on her way! Hearing Paisley talk about baby Adelyn all the time is just the sweetest. Baby girl also already has several nicknames from family and friends....AJ, Addie J, and I'm sure there will be more. Just like her sister! :) Pics of baby girl's room are coming soon, but here's a sneak peek!

Three Girls and a Boy!

We were absolutely thrilled to find out we were going to have another baby. Pregnancy is not the easiest for me....and according to the doctors, the likelihood has been that if we were able to have one more, it would most likely also be the last. I have been blessed to have a little bit easier time with this pregnancy...maybe some of it was just knowing what to expect and being able to handle it a little better, but I really think the Lord also decided to give me a little bit of a break! :) I'm finally holding everything down, so besides quite a bit of fatigue and pain, and more than a 'normal' amount of pre-term contractions, I'm doing well and hanging in there! (Prayers are still appreciated. We'd like baby to stay in there as long as possible, even if we have another preemie. And I'd like to stay off bed rest too!)

We were also quite excited to find out we're having another sweet GIRL!!!! It was a little funny because 99% of people were sure it was a boy, but baby girl cooperated and made it quite clear on the ultrasound! If you had asked us before having Paisley if we thought we'd end up with 2 girls, or could even handle it, we probably would've laughed... but, we're definitely looking forward to it! It's gonna be a lot of drama, a lot of girly, a lot of giggling, a lot of high pitch voices, a lot of bossiness, and a lot for daddy to handle. But a house with 3 girls and a boy it is!!!! And we're ready for the challenge!

Paisley loves talking about baby sister, and I think it's becoming a little more real that the baby will actually live here too. Though I don't think anything will prepare her for the shock that she will have that first week when baby sister is here to stay, stealing some of our attention that Paisley is so accustomed to having... But at the same time, we know she's going to love it! She's going to be a fantastic big sister!!!

Paisley Joy....An Update on Our Amazing Toddler!

Paisley Joy....we hardly have words to describe how amazing this child is! I know many of you keep up with us on Facebook, but we sure wish you could all see her on a daily basis!

Here's some of our favorite Paisley moments from the past year:

-She did a fabulous job of potty-training herself just before she turned 2, and we helped her master the final details with the help of some M&Ms!

-She loves to sing, she often makes up her own songs about what she is doing, something we just said, etc.  She has the sweetest voice and just cracks us up with her songs. A current favorite is "Daddy you craaaazzzzyyyyyy, Mommy you craaaazzzzyyyyyyyy!!!!" sung in a very high and dramatic voice! And she loves to dance!

-She is a MAJOR talker! She talks constantly...about anything and everything. Sometimes we think she talks (louder) just to try to prevent us from talking! LOL! Currently, she's quite the "creative" back talker too....which is super fun! :) Many times it takes the form of "Don't tell me______" or "Don't talk to me right now!" or just plain continuous talking to try to avoid hearing what we're saying....

-She loves helping. One of her favorite things is helping to make breakfast on the weekends - she is the queen of muffin making!! She wants to help clean, organize, carry things, put us down for "naps" (probably mostly to avoid taking one herself).... and she wants to do everything herself these days - pick her clothes, get dressed, open every door, etc.

-She is SOOOO excited to be a big sister! She talks about it a lot and loves spending time in the baby's room. She even tries to get extra snacks, stickers, and other perks at school by saying she need an extra one for the baby!

-She's the leader in her class and others naturally follow her (which she enjoys!), she's super compassionate and empathetic (she gets teary eyed watching others cry and instantly gives them a hug and asks how she can make it better), and she is certainly NOT a pushover... this girl plays rough and tough too and sure knows how to stand up for herself, which definitely makes her parents proud!!

-She loves praying at bedtime and sometimes goes on for quite a while with all the things she's thankful for.... most recently she added, "thank you Jesus for the lorax!"  And we get in trouble if we say "Amen" before she does!

There is so much more we could say about our little girl....but we must say we just ADORE her! She is entertaining, brilliant, sweet, and AMAZING!

A LOT of catching up to do!!

I finally was able to gain access back to our blog after being locked out for several months....grrr!! So expect a few rapid posts to get you back up to date on our lives!

Let's's been a year since I was last able to post, so here's the short timeline:

*We moved to a new house....same city, different neighborhood...and a lot more room!
*We celebrated Zach's birthday (twice...LOL) since the last post!
*We said goodbye to our dog, Oliver....he's super happy now on a huge ranch where he can run free and chase scents to his little heart's desire (and Paisley's allergies/immune system finally have had a chance to build and develop properly!) 
 *Our little Paisley turned 2!!! And life continues to get more and more exciting with every passing day....more on that later.
*Zach started a new job at a different credit union, which has been a much better fit and much less stressful!
*We found out we were expecting, much to our delight! Even more excitement....more on that later too!
*We survived a few crazy storms (and even got a new roof out of it).

I'm sure there's much more than that....but there you go! You're basically caught up on our lives.....

Thursday, July 14, 2011

18 Things for 18 Months

We just can't believe our Paisley Joy is 18 months old already - a whole year and a half!!  On a daily basis we are just floored by how blessed we are to be her parents.  There are so many millions of reasons why she makes our lives, and so many others, just SO much better!  So in honor of her 18 month "birthday", we would like to share 18 fabulous things about our girl!

1. Paisley has such an adventurous spirit!  anything that she can add a little extra craziness to, she does.  She loves climbing, jumping off things, exploring new areas and trying new things.
2. She loves, and we mean, she LOVES to dance!  She claps, spins, swings her hips, does the twist down, and she dances to any and everything...from music to just a tapping she hears, like water dripping.  Currently, her favorite song to dance to is "Moves Like Jagger" :) she knows it from the first note and it makes her boogie over and over. 

3.  Paisley is a big fan of water!  She recently graduated as a Water Tot tadpole from her swimming lessons and she was amazing!!  She loves going all the way under, loves jumping into the pool, loves blowing bubbles... even in the bathtub, it's like the girl is part fish.

4. Paisley Joy has a joy that just naturally draws people to her.  Long before she was born, it was one of the first things the Lord told us about her - that she would draw people in and impact them through her joy.  So, we shouldn't be amazed that we can walk into a store and she instantly has several people around her...but it really is quite incredible to watch.  Teachers at daycare fight over having her in their class, parents come by just to say hi to her and see her smile, and she instantly makes people smile across a crowded restaurant.

5. Along with her ability to draw people in, she has an incredible ability to comfort people.  She is known at school for giving hugs to people who are having a bad day.  If a child is crying, she'll sit with them, hug them, and help them feel better.  Teachers have even taken her down to the infant room with them, and she'll go from baby to baby patting their heads and giving them a kiss.  She just has a way of making everyone feel better!
6. Paisley has thousands of expressions, and one heck of an attitude.  Her face is literally so expressive that we notice a new one almost daily.  Additionally, with her new "big girl" attitude, she has started rolling her eyes at us, crinkling her nose, and saying "uh-uh" and running away..... (yes, we have to discipline sometimes, but we secretly think it's kinda funny and cute)

7. She has recently discovered a new fun activity....KISSING.  Now, we love it - there's nothing like having your little girl plant one on you...or blow you kisses across the room.  HOWEVER, she has her daycare boyfriend, along with some other lovestruck boys, and we've heard there's been an extra amount of smooching going on in the classroom.  (hello gray hair...)
8. Paisley is fearless.  She will try anything with no reservation.  She has common sense, but we have to say that it just makes us proud to watch her dive into any new situation with such excitement.

9. She is in such an exploration stage right now.  There is something so amazing about watching your child discover things for the first time, or watching her figure out how something works...  It's so refreshing to watch because it just reminds you of how many "wonders" there are in everything!
10. Paisley has a crazy, insane amount of energy.  BUT, like everyone, she has her limit.  And while we love her energy, there is something so sweet about that short time before bed when she's worn out.  She gives the best sleepy cuddles.  She curls up in your lap and just snuggles...and it's wonderful!!

11. Paisley Joy is a little comedian.  We can't understand half of what she says, and some of what she does, but this girl is hilarious!  What's better...she is constantly cracking herself up, sometimes to the point of silent laughter and tears - and she has the absolute BEST giggle!!!!!

12. She has a new thing where she sprints as fast as she can at you and jumps on you into a full hug.  I don't think it needs much explanation - it's awesome! :)

13. Paisley is a constant talker, and has a very quickly expanding vocabulary.  She has got the cutest little voice (which can be quite loud when she wants), and she is always eager to tell us stories.  One of these days, I'll have to catch some conversation on video to share....
14. With her increasing vocabulary, and her love for words, Paisley has been making up lots of new songs for us.  Some of her latest singles include the hits, "Baby Bee" and "Boooo Peep!"

15. She is also a great sharer!  Even when she's eating, she will grab some and offer it to you.  So cute!
16. Paisley has a fascination with riding things right now.  She's always loved trying to ride Oliver, but lately if she can get to us, she jumps on our backs and yells "GO"!  maybe she needs a pony?!? ;)

17.  She has a little pink princess chair that she sits in when she gets to watch a show.  Lately, the chair just wasn't exciting enough.  She's found that she can rock it back and forth really hard, and then with one final push, send it flipping backwards, spilling her out and leaving her giggling....
18. And finally, in keeping with the "big girl" theme of the post - she is enjoying all things big girl.  She officially will not use a high chair anymore, so she has her little kids table that she pulls her chair up to for meals.  She loves her big girl carseat and helps strap herself in these days.  And big girl is starting to show some interest in the big girl potty.....when did she get so big???  It seems like just yesterday, she was this small....

So there you have it - - - 18 things we adore about our beautiful princess!  Happy 18 month birthday, Paisley Joy!!!  We love you more than you'll ever know!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Few Things I Don't Like, And A Lot That I DO!!!

Things I Do NOT Like:

1. That my 17 month old has a better tan than I do (and it's not that I haven't tried!).

2. Running over a giant tarantula on the way to work. (I do not like running over anything that was once living, but somehow many things seem to find their way under my tires.)

3. When Paisley hurts herself.  (I know it's inevitable with the sheer amount of energy, craziness, and adventure inside the child...and she always pops right back up and keeps going.  I still hate it every time.)

4. The end of the weekend. (I don't really think an explanation is needed.)

5. When the dog has gas. (it can easily put you on the edge of death. seriously.)

Things I LOVE:

1. Watching Paisley learn a million new things each day and how she finds complete delight in every single one of them.

2. That I have the world's best husband and Paisley has an amazing daddy. (getting to watch him interact with her and seeing how she just adores her daddy is like a slice of heaven!)

3. The way the Lord always blesses and provides in ways you would've never expected.

4. Sunshine, warmth and water. (all at the same time)

5. Southern accents.

6. Finding a really good deal (and generally any way I can save money!)

7. "Conversations" with Paisley (which usually include a few actual words, a lot of dramatic babbling, some clapping, a lot of dancing, a smile, a giggle, a hug, and sometimes a giant kiss)

8. When the dog actually behaves himself.  (unfortunately, this doesn't happen as often as I would like because he's stubborn, so we celebrate when it does.)

9. Coming home at the end of the day.

10. That Paisley can laugh hysterically at almost anything. (even 2 seconds after throwing a tantrum - reminds me to choose joy - there's nothing worth staying mad about)

11. Yummies in my tummy (coffee, pizza, a good burger or steak, homemade sweet tea....)

12. A clean home (with just a few things still out of place...which reminds me that I have a child...and my home will never again be fully clean by my old standards....but that life will be a lot happier this way)

13.  That I could go on for a long time listing things that I love......... (but tonight, I must stop!)