Wednesday, September 2, 2009

18 weeks....

So life got a little busy, and I didn't get to this as quickly as planned! oh well! Baby Snyder is now 18 weeks old and doing well! Heartbeat is still around 150 bpm - such a precious little sound! Our little monkey is now the size of a sweet potato (which I think looks disgusting):So I'm going with the other site that says a bell pepper - YUM! An average of 5 1/2 inches from head to bum (apparently the legs don't count yet!!). And this week's big development - baby's ears are now in the right place on the little head! YAY - less alien-like! Baby can now hiccup, swallow, yawn, roll, punch, etc. I wish I could just watch all day! I am doing better - still quite sick and taking my prescription - but I feel like it's getting easier at least. The great news is I'm finally keeping down enough that I'm gaining some weight back and the doctors are no longer concerned about that. The weight loss I had made my regular pants fit better, but I'm on to maternity shirts as I have quite the baby bump!

The big news, we've decided to find out what we're having since this is our first! The ultrasound is Thursday, September 17th at 11am (PST). So, if you want to know if it's a boy or a girl - pray for our little monkey to cooperate and show us what we need to see! :) In the meantime, since there have been some strong opinions of the gender between family and friends, we've posted a poll on the side bar here and also on our facebook accounts. Voting will remain open until the night of the 16th! To be honest, I (steph) am now thoroughly confused on my opinion and have NO idea what we're having. All I know is that if it's a girl, I need serious help in picking names I actually like and finding decorations that don't make me cringe - like the Ballerina Princess Bear set I saw the other day. YIKES! :) Well, I have plenty of time I suppose!

Anyway, my parents are driving up this weekend and I am beyond thrilled to see them! I hate being so far away from them. They have also so generously bought our crib for us and are bringing that along with some other nursery furniture to set up this weekend! I'm secretly squealing inside I am so excited! :) Also, we finally got our new camera - so many pictures to come!

oh, and in other news - Zach's birthday and birthday present was a HIT. Zachary Tyrone will be getting to attend a Dallas Cowboys football game in the NEW Cowboys Stadium on October 25th. (with me of course!) He almost passed out when he got his present and I think the shock is still sinking in - it's a dream come true for him. And since we've both been huge Cowboys fans all our lives - you better believe we're gonna live it up. So more to come on our Texas "scouting" and football trip!

Pictures coming soon!