Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's a GIRL and it's officially fall here!

I know, I know....long overdue again! I cannot believe it is already OCTOBER! Fall is officially in full swing. Leaves are changing colors, the weather is ..... much cooler, and the holiday decorations are front and center at every store! I'm not a fan of cold weather - mostly because I'm always cold anyway - but I can't lie - I do LOVE this time of year! It's absolutely beautiful....and it's only 79 days until Christmas, which means Thanksgiving is even sooner. :)

I'm now 23 weeks pregnant with a perfect, healthy baby GIRL....and slowly but surely feeling a little better (well, except the cold/flu-ish thing I have right now). I definitely am not at 100% and I try hard not to envy those pregnant women who just run around with so much energy and health like nothing is even happening to their bodies. My body reminds me every hour that it's different and not liking all the changes. I, however, am LOVING it. I'm officially to the point where people notice I'm pregnant (not just chubby), I can feel my baby girl moving constantly, and I'm in full planning mode to meet her! :) I don't know if this is any indicator of what is to come (maybe she's taking after her dad....hahahaha!), but she is CONSTANTLY moving... I sometimes wonder if she even sleeps! It is such a constant reminder of the little miracle though and I am SO, SO, SO excited to meet her! She is now a little over 11 inches long and weighs just over a pound (the weight of a large mango)!

Below are some pictures of the progress made in the nursery while my parents were in town (and no worries - those nasty curtains have been removed!!)
We were able to get the crib put together, a dresser done (my old set as a girl with some new knobs!), and a changing table/dresser built (zach and my parents built a removable changing table attached to the top of my old desk - so it can be removed when we're done with it!)
Oliver has been pouting since we kicked him out of the room. Sometimes he just goes in there and howls...but he's adjusting! :) We're mostly done with our registry, which is a relief - especially for Zach - who was not pleased to learn they dedicate full WALLS just to types of baby bottles to choose from (and then there is more variety online)! But Zach has stepped up to the daddy challenge and done his fair share of research on everything we've needed - and is seeming quite prepared! :) I know I said in my last post that I was a little nervous for if this was a girl.....but I am SO excited! The Lord has calmed all my fears and I am finding things - even bedding - that I LOVE! :) However, our very favorite is currently out of stock - so pray for us to find it somewhere. I really, really love it! WE had our hospital birthing center tour and pre-registration this past weekend - so we are now prepared for where to enter the hospital, where we will be going - and Zach knows the best route to get there! Things are looking good! ;)

We also went to the Keith Urban concert this past month, which was AMAZING! We went with our friends Micah and Rachel - and we had great seats!! It was a blast - and baby Snyder's first concert! We can totally already tell she's a fan of Keith! ;)

We also went to Toronto - I haven't had a chance to get those pictures on the computer yet. We were there a couple weeks ago to help with a ministry conference. It was a wonderful, whirlwind of a time. We made many friends, saw lives transformed, and were so encouraged by what is going on at the church there! We only wish we lived closer! :) Zach got to teach in the Living Free course and did AWESOME! I so love watching my husband preach - he has such a gift and is so passionate!

That's all for now! I'll try to get another post up before we leave for our Texas trip in a couple weeks....but if not, COWBOYS game pictures and Zach in FULL glow coming soon! :)


  1. You'll enjoy the cold weather while pregnant...eventually your body will heat up and you'll roast! Far better than the summer time :)

  2. It looks like you guys have been busy. I am so excited for you to meet your baby girl. It is such an awesome experience. I hope and pray that you can find the bedding you want, that is one of the hardest thing to find. Good luck!!

  3. So excited for you Steph! A girl will be so much fun and getting everything ready is such a blast, too. Have fun!