Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas spirit...and so much to do!

Our favorite time of the year is here!  I can't believe Christmas is in just over 2 weeks!  Zach and I both love everything about the holiday season - a decorated tree, Christmas lights, wrapping gifts - it's all so fun!  And we just got to go see "White Christmas" at the 5th Ave Theatre, which was amazing!  Don't know if it'll be white here, but it sure is FREEZING!

It's been a quite a change for me this year...I'm generally able to run around getting everything done.  All the shopping, a perfectly decorated tree, baking fun treats - but the doctor has ordered rest as we wait for our sweet Paisley Joy to arrive.  So, I've settled for a mostly decorated tree, Zach put out some Christmas lights, we've done a lot of online shopping....and I'm learning to sit back and just soak in the season instead of running around.  I'm also co-directing the kid's Christmas program at church again this year, so that's keeping me on my toes until the 19th! It's definitely an adjustment, but we're making it - as long as I don't end up driving poor Zach crazy - he's the one having to constantly watch me and remind me to rest!  I don't know what I'd do without him. :)

It's hard to believe we're getting so close to meeting our sweet little daughter.  The nursery is pretty much ready (just needing a few finishing touches), the drawers are filled with the cutest little baby clothes I've ever seen, we're totally excited, and I'm getting bigger and more uncomfortable by the minute!  It has been SO fun watching Zach get ready for her arrival - so many things to learn, and SO much pink!  He's going to be a natural at the daddy thing and she's already got him wrapped around her tiny little finger - I can totally tell! We know this last little bit is going to fly by with everything going on for the holidays, etc - so we're just trying to savor every minute of this miracle!
Bonus Picture: Zach straps the frog in to get some practice with the new baby carrier we received! :)