Monday, January 4, 2010

The Final Stretch (literally)....

Happy 2010!  I can't believe it's a brand new year already!  Well, it's 30 days until Paisley's due date!!! We're trying not to count down too much, knowing she'll come at her own sweet time, but with the way I'm feeling now, it's hard not to.  We're in the home stretch to meeting our sweet little girl - and I feel stretched to the max - literally!  I have gained all of my weight straight out, and it feels like at any minute my skin is going to give in and pop.  It's hard to imagine that it's going to stretch any more....but in the meantime, instead of focusing on how uncomfortable, itchy and crampy it is - I'm trying to focus on the more positive things....  Like the fact that I can clean my belly button out! :)  haha.  But seriously, everything is going very well.  I am still getting some "morning sickness" - but mostly my biggest problem is the discomfort from stretching and back pain.  I'm not sleeping super well anymore, but I guess that's just good practice for what is to come!  I have an ultrasound next week to get the measurements on our little punkin.  So far their best estimate has been that she is going to be pretty long (taking after her mama!), but they're also starting to think she could be on the upper end of weight for a girl (taking after her daddy....oh no!).  I'm praying for long and thin! :)  We just absolutely can't wait to meet her - see what she looks like, what color hair (if any) she has, etc.  I can't believe we're finally getting close!

We have our first childbirthing class tonight - it's a 4 week class. We're hoping we get to finish it before she comes, as we had to wait for a time that both of us could attend together, which was important! I think Zach is starting to wonder what he's in for!  He's also been processing things such as cutting the umbilical cord, etc.  Pray for him!!!  ;)  He's so excited though, and has been so amazing during this whole process.  I can't imagine how I would've gotten through this pregnancy so far without him - he's amazing! I am still "busy learning how to rest"...haha!  However, I have now taught myself to sew with my new sewing machine and have been busy making burp cloths, receiving blankets, etc.  (I've made some stinkin cute stuff I must say - I think I'm pretty much the next Martha Stewart...minus all the weird stuff and jail time!) And at least it keeps me sitting down for awhile! :) 

In other news, most of you heard by now about Zach's accident.  (He was in an accident where his truck rolled a few times off an icy road the day after Christmas).  He was so blessed to walk away from it - just having some whiplash and such, but he's recovered quite well!  His truck was less fortunate - we found out today that it is definitely totalled. We would just ask for everyone's continued prayers that insurance payouts and stuff move quickly as there is much to do before Paisley gets here.  We were already planning to trade in my car this month, but now will have to get him a new vehicle as well, and time is ticking!

Well, that's all for now!  Much love to all of you - and again, thanks for all of your love, support and encouragement during this season.  It has meant so much to us!  I will try to get in at least one more update before the BIG update coming around the beginning of February! :)

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