Saturday, January 30, 2010

Welcome Paisley Joy - The Whole Story!!

Well, as most of you now know - Paisley Joy Snyder is here!  No, we weren't expecting her for at least another week or so at least, but she has a mind of her own!!  For those of you who have been requesting the whole story here it is.....and for those of you who just came for pictures, scroll down! :)

At my appt on January 12th for my ultrasound and routine check up, I found out that I was dilated to about a 4 and 60% effaced.  The doctor said that I should still plan on not having her until closer to our due date (and probably a little after) - and that she would be a big baby.  So, I went home and Zach & I made plans to get things done that weekend - like installing the car seat, packing our hospital bags, etc - just to be super prepared a couple weeks in advance!  I was up a lot that night feeling uncomfortable and a little nauseous, but that was nothing new.  On Wednesday morning I headed into work - I couldn't help but notice I'd been running to the bathroom all morning feeling like my bladder was leaking or something, but I just ignored it.  But once I was sitting at work, I was sure I had either lost complete control of my bladder or my water broke!  I called the doctor and they had me head straight over.  After that, it was a bit of a whirlwind....I showed up at the doctors office and my jeans were fully soaked through (i tried to ignore the stares as I walked in with wet pants!) and was told to be at the hospital within the next hour - ready or not, baby was on the way!

We checked into the hospital around 10am on Wed morning and I was feeling pretty great (other than the fact that I was constantly wetting my pants!) - I guess I had expected to already be having painful contractions by the time I headed in - but then again, we only made it half way through our birthing classes! :)  They got me all hooked up to the monitors and everything and then told me to get to walking to try to get something going.  Paisley was a pill & everytime I tried to walk outside of the room she would move so the monitor would lose her heartbeat.  So, I had to just walk around my hospital room for HOURS!!  By that afternoon, still nothing - I couldn't even really feel the contractions yet.  And that began a series of pumping me full of medicines to try to induce labor - we maxed out with no progress and I was getting frustrated and exhausted.  By about 5am, they took me off all the "inducers" to give my body a rest and come up with a new plan.  They were giving me until about noon before they would need to do an emergency c-section.  At about 7, they started pumping me up with meds again to start contractions and that time it worked - big time.  I went from nothing to excruciating, strong contractions within a matter of minutes.  I did all natural, and about half way through those contractions I was ready for them to kill me and save the baby!!  By 1130, she was low and I knew she had to come out.  They finally let me start pushing and I did - like I was going to die if I didn't get her out in 2 seconds!  My doctor had left for awhile because I wasn't dilated enough and they were going to let me continue the labor for awhile, so by the time they called her and she made it back, she got gloved up and ready at about 1152 and Paisley Joy joined us at 1153! :)  (I won't go into the damage she did on her way out!!!)  She was worth EVERY second of the pregnancy sickness and labor and delivery pains!  Zach was absolutely amazing through the whole process!  He was such a strong support - he kept me laughing, kept me encouraged and helped convince me I didn't really want to die during those last hours! :)  He was incredible and kept his cool, even remembering to text all the family that Paisley was on her way out when I started pushing!! And he DID cut the umbilical cord and thought it was awesome!

 Paisley Joy Snyder joined us at 1153am on Thursday, January 14th (Zach's cousin, James, was really praying for that - she now shares his birthday!) - she was 3 weeks early.  She weighed in at 5 lbs 15 oz and was 18" long.  We were in the hospital until Saturday afternoon when we finally got to go home!  My parents were able to catch a flight up in time to be there for Paisley's arrival - and they did wonders on getting our house ready for us to come home to! 

Every day since January 14th has been AMAZING!  We love little Paisley more than we ever could have imagined.  She is beautiful, perfect, spunky, and such a fun little daughter.  We can't believe how much she changes every day.  She smiles like crazy, has the most beautiful sighs, and absolutely captures our hearts every time she just gazes at us and then cuddles up to us!  We wish everyone could be here to meet her and watch her grow with us!  Last week she grew 2" in 6 days between doctors visits!  WOW - no wonder she is eating constantly!  We're now just praying for some sleep - and for her to learn to sleep without being held.  It's been 17 nights and counting since I slept in the same bed as my husband. :(

Anyway, we LOVE her and are so thankful for everyone's thoughts, prayers and encouragement during these last few weeks! More to come....


  1. She is such a cutie!! I can't believe you didn't have an epidural!! You are one tough girl. Congrats!! I hope that you get some sleep sometime soon!!

  2. She is so beautiful Steph! Congratulations to you guys. And way to go on the natural childbirth...I did the same and it IS so painful!!! but felt completely worth it in the end. I'll be praying for your transition and that your sweet little one starts to sleep well for you!

  3. Woo hoo!! What a doll:)
    No drugs!! Wow. And what a great story!!
    Love your cute stripy socks in the hospital- I love how there are fun bright colors and patterns in all of your pictures.

  4. What a cute bundle of pink...we haven't had one of those yet! Steph, she is darling. I am proud of no drugs! I did that with my was the best way to go for me. You make a darling mommy. I am so glad that she is here safe...if it is worth anything...I don't think I've had a good nights sleep in years! I remember having Carson and thinking, "This is why everyone is always so tired." I don't think I've caught up since. Seriously, she is beautiful. Isn't motherhood lifechanging?