Tuesday, April 27, 2010

10 things we love about Paisley Joy!

Her beautiful, sweet smile that melts your heart!

The noisy way she sucks on her thumb (or whole fist)!


Her joyful giggle and coos, oooh, and ahhhs that brighten even the worst day!

The way she plays hard, then passes out!

Her amazing big blue eyes so full of life!

Her sense of adventure and curiosity!

Her warm cuddles when she's tired!

The way she loves on her stuffed animals or holds your hand while she's going to sleep!

The way she immediately stops and notices when Zach or I come into the room!
The peace, joy, blessing, and life she brings to our lives!

Being beautiful Paisley's parent is such an amazing gift!  
We are overjoyed, so blessed, and head over heels in love with her! :)

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