Saturday, June 12, 2010

So much JOY!!

I can't believe that we're just a couple days away from my sweet Paisley Joy turning 5 months old!  Time just seems to be flying by faster every day - especially now that she seems to be learning so much more.  It's no secret that Paisley has had us wrapped around her tiny little finger since her first little breath in this world (who am I kidding - it really started about 7 months before that)!!  But I really don't think I could ever find the words to describe the pure joy that she brings to our lives every day.

Despite being a born as preemie and us being told to expect her to be slightly "behind" until she's a toddler, Paisley continues to surpass all of the developmental markers along the way.  She's been strong willed since she was the size of a pea!  It is so fun to watch her learning so many new things each day.  She is exploring EVERYTHING!  She loves to grab and feel everything, put everything in her mouth....and you can just constantly see the little wheels in her mind turning! 
The other day she was shaking a toy so hard she hit herself in the head.  She immediately pulled it in front of her face, glared at it and gave it a babbling rebuke before continuing on.  It's hilarious to watch her learn how things happen and how much she can control!  She's so close to sitting up on her own.  She can do it for a little bit, but then starts to slump.  The doctor thinks within a couple weeks, she'll easily be there.  She LOVES sitting up in her little chair or on our laps - it's a whole new world.  She also is now eating her baby cereal with a spoon!  She was a champ the first week and loved eating it - now she seems to be protesting it a bit - I guess she's ready for a new flavor and texture! :)

Little PJ is also teething now - she's been showing signs of it for awhile....  But she is really starting to chomp down on things now, drooling over everything and holding her bottom gums with her fingers.  Guess we'll see how that new little adventure goes!  She gets a kick out of rolling around the floor and ending up different places, and she loves playing with new toys.  And all of you who have met her know she is a crazy kicker!!  She's constantly kicking - on the floor, on the changing table, in her carseat, on her bed - she loves to move, and she LOVES to stand!!  She's also been giggling up a storm and experimenting with a wide range of babbling noises.  And more recently we've learned...she thinks it's super fun to play naked!  Sometimes she'll lay on the floor and through a fit until we strip her down and let her play.  It's all good as long as she grows out of that stage! :) 

We officially made it through the first stomach bug too.  I have never seen the kind of messes or smelled the stenches that we experienced last week!!  It was unbelievable!  She was a trooper though - even days when she couldn't really eat, she still managed a smile for us and never really fussed much.  And she perked right up once she got to start having her fruity pedialyte! :)  I just know we're happy to have our energetic little punkin back! 

There's just nothing like walking into her room in the morning and her just laying there smiling and giggling - so happy to see you!  She continues to be our sweet little ray of sunshine in this not so sunny Pacific Northwest weather! :)

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