Thursday, September 9, 2010

Info coming soon!!!

I know it has been FOREVER since I last posted.  Obviously, so much has been going on, I've barely kept myself together - but we now have internet and I promise to update very soon on everything that has been going on, new pictures of the house and Paisley, etc.

In the meantime,  here's the quick update:

We arrived safely in Fort Worth and are getting all settled in.  We love our new house, neighborhood, etc and are getting pretty close to having everything unpacked.  I started my new job at the children's hospital here, endured my orientation, and am LOVING it.  It is quite an adjustment not being with Paisley all the time, but it is really good.  Oliver is loving his big back yard to run around in and is slowly adjusting to the heat.  Paisley is just her joyful little self and has adjusted wonderfully.  Zach is loving being so close to the Cowboys as the season kicks off, and is already saying things like "ya'll" probably more than he realizes!  And we all just survived the first flash flood and tornado escapade of our new adventure down here.

So all is well!  :)  For now, here's 2 quick teaser pictures:

Paisley's first cattle drive - just a few miles down the road from us.... 

And Paisley and Oliver's impromptu fort in the backyard....  they love sharing some shade together! :)