Thursday, July 14, 2011

18 Things for 18 Months

We just can't believe our Paisley Joy is 18 months old already - a whole year and a half!!  On a daily basis we are just floored by how blessed we are to be her parents.  There are so many millions of reasons why she makes our lives, and so many others, just SO much better!  So in honor of her 18 month "birthday", we would like to share 18 fabulous things about our girl!

1. Paisley has such an adventurous spirit!  anything that she can add a little extra craziness to, she does.  She loves climbing, jumping off things, exploring new areas and trying new things.
2. She loves, and we mean, she LOVES to dance!  She claps, spins, swings her hips, does the twist down, and she dances to any and everything...from music to just a tapping she hears, like water dripping.  Currently, her favorite song to dance to is "Moves Like Jagger" :) she knows it from the first note and it makes her boogie over and over. 

3.  Paisley is a big fan of water!  She recently graduated as a Water Tot tadpole from her swimming lessons and she was amazing!!  She loves going all the way under, loves jumping into the pool, loves blowing bubbles... even in the bathtub, it's like the girl is part fish.

4. Paisley Joy has a joy that just naturally draws people to her.  Long before she was born, it was one of the first things the Lord told us about her - that she would draw people in and impact them through her joy.  So, we shouldn't be amazed that we can walk into a store and she instantly has several people around her...but it really is quite incredible to watch.  Teachers at daycare fight over having her in their class, parents come by just to say hi to her and see her smile, and she instantly makes people smile across a crowded restaurant.

5. Along with her ability to draw people in, she has an incredible ability to comfort people.  She is known at school for giving hugs to people who are having a bad day.  If a child is crying, she'll sit with them, hug them, and help them feel better.  Teachers have even taken her down to the infant room with them, and she'll go from baby to baby patting their heads and giving them a kiss.  She just has a way of making everyone feel better!
6. Paisley has thousands of expressions, and one heck of an attitude.  Her face is literally so expressive that we notice a new one almost daily.  Additionally, with her new "big girl" attitude, she has started rolling her eyes at us, crinkling her nose, and saying "uh-uh" and running away..... (yes, we have to discipline sometimes, but we secretly think it's kinda funny and cute)

7. She has recently discovered a new fun activity....KISSING.  Now, we love it - there's nothing like having your little girl plant one on you...or blow you kisses across the room.  HOWEVER, she has her daycare boyfriend, along with some other lovestruck boys, and we've heard there's been an extra amount of smooching going on in the classroom.  (hello gray hair...)
8. Paisley is fearless.  She will try anything with no reservation.  She has common sense, but we have to say that it just makes us proud to watch her dive into any new situation with such excitement.

9. She is in such an exploration stage right now.  There is something so amazing about watching your child discover things for the first time, or watching her figure out how something works...  It's so refreshing to watch because it just reminds you of how many "wonders" there are in everything!
10. Paisley has a crazy, insane amount of energy.  BUT, like everyone, she has her limit.  And while we love her energy, there is something so sweet about that short time before bed when she's worn out.  She gives the best sleepy cuddles.  She curls up in your lap and just snuggles...and it's wonderful!!

11. Paisley Joy is a little comedian.  We can't understand half of what she says, and some of what she does, but this girl is hilarious!  What's better...she is constantly cracking herself up, sometimes to the point of silent laughter and tears - and she has the absolute BEST giggle!!!!!

12. She has a new thing where she sprints as fast as she can at you and jumps on you into a full hug.  I don't think it needs much explanation - it's awesome! :)

13. Paisley is a constant talker, and has a very quickly expanding vocabulary.  She has got the cutest little voice (which can be quite loud when she wants), and she is always eager to tell us stories.  One of these days, I'll have to catch some conversation on video to share....
14. With her increasing vocabulary, and her love for words, Paisley has been making up lots of new songs for us.  Some of her latest singles include the hits, "Baby Bee" and "Boooo Peep!"

15. She is also a great sharer!  Even when she's eating, she will grab some and offer it to you.  So cute!
16. Paisley has a fascination with riding things right now.  She's always loved trying to ride Oliver, but lately if she can get to us, she jumps on our backs and yells "GO"!  maybe she needs a pony?!? ;)

17.  She has a little pink princess chair that she sits in when she gets to watch a show.  Lately, the chair just wasn't exciting enough.  She's found that she can rock it back and forth really hard, and then with one final push, send it flipping backwards, spilling her out and leaving her giggling....
18. And finally, in keeping with the "big girl" theme of the post - she is enjoying all things big girl.  She officially will not use a high chair anymore, so she has her little kids table that she pulls her chair up to for meals.  She loves her big girl carseat and helps strap herself in these days.  And big girl is starting to show some interest in the big girl potty.....when did she get so big???  It seems like just yesterday, she was this small....

So there you have it - - - 18 things we adore about our beautiful princess!  Happy 18 month birthday, Paisley Joy!!!  We love you more than you'll ever know!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Few Things I Don't Like, And A Lot That I DO!!!

Things I Do NOT Like:

1. That my 17 month old has a better tan than I do (and it's not that I haven't tried!).

2. Running over a giant tarantula on the way to work. (I do not like running over anything that was once living, but somehow many things seem to find their way under my tires.)

3. When Paisley hurts herself.  (I know it's inevitable with the sheer amount of energy, craziness, and adventure inside the child...and she always pops right back up and keeps going.  I still hate it every time.)

4. The end of the weekend. (I don't really think an explanation is needed.)

5. When the dog has gas. (it can easily put you on the edge of death. seriously.)

Things I LOVE:

1. Watching Paisley learn a million new things each day and how she finds complete delight in every single one of them.

2. That I have the world's best husband and Paisley has an amazing daddy. (getting to watch him interact with her and seeing how she just adores her daddy is like a slice of heaven!)

3. The way the Lord always blesses and provides in ways you would've never expected.

4. Sunshine, warmth and water. (all at the same time)

5. Southern accents.

6. Finding a really good deal (and generally any way I can save money!)

7. "Conversations" with Paisley (which usually include a few actual words, a lot of dramatic babbling, some clapping, a lot of dancing, a smile, a giggle, a hug, and sometimes a giant kiss)

8. When the dog actually behaves himself.  (unfortunately, this doesn't happen as often as I would like because he's stubborn, so we celebrate when it does.)

9. Coming home at the end of the day.

10. That Paisley can laugh hysterically at almost anything. (even 2 seconds after throwing a tantrum - reminds me to choose joy - there's nothing worth staying mad about)

11. Yummies in my tummy (coffee, pizza, a good burger or steak, homemade sweet tea....)

12. A clean home (with just a few things still out of place...which reminds me that I have a child...and my home will never again be fully clean by my old standards....but that life will be a lot happier this way)

13.  That I could go on for a long time listing things that I love......... (but tonight, I must stop!)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Happiest LIttle Energizer Bunny...

How in the world does one toddler have SO much energy?!?!  Every day I watch Paisley and wonder how I could possibly bottle up some of that neverending supply of energy for myself!! 
Currently she is working on mastering a variety of acrobatics - such as climbing as high as possible, jumping off of said high things, and tumbling.  She also loves boxes! :) We have a wild child on our hands - and she knows it!  Our little Paisley Joy has turned into the sweetest, but sassiest little thing.  She loves dancing, yelling, walking while swingin her hips, and has become known around her school as the class clown and ring leader.  And, if I could only capture the stare down, evil giggle, and slight grin we get when we tell her "no".  It's like a battle to see who gives in first.  Often we win, but then we're exhausted, and little bottle rocket RUNS to get into more mischief!  She's a handful, but we love every ounce of her!!
She's also mastered a LOT more sign language, and is starting to say quite a few more words and phrases.  She babbles constantly and with such emphasis on some of the words, like we should understand exactly what she's saying!  She's a funny little thing, and we're starting to realize we should probably appreciate these last days of babble talking, because the way it's looking, we're about to have a non-stop talker on our hands!
In other news, the sun has been shining, and we're all happy as can be that we can play out in the sun and water!  It's so wonderful!  I had a perfect Mother's Day with my little family.  And....we've settled on a home church and we LOVE it!  It fits everything we were looking for in so many ways, we can't even describe it!  The messages are unbeliveable, worship is wonderful, the lead pastor is fantastic, the people are great, the size is perfect....and don't even get me started on the focus on KIDS!!!  I mean, for one thing, you should just see the Kidz Play Zone inside!  Paisley loves her class, we love services.  It just feels like home!!! :)  You can check out the website if you'd like - -  We just feel so blessed to have found the perfect church for us so easily and so close to home!
So, that's about it for today's update!  We're happy, warm....and sometimes .... exhausted! :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Health and Happiness!

Once again, so much to report from sunny Texas!  But the main reason for this post is to give and update and PRAISE report on my health......

Many of you know my health struggles over the past year.  And though we had so many reasons to move down to Texas, a major one was for my health.  There was no assurance that the move would fix anything, but according to the doctors and all our prayers, it was the best bet.  We've now been down here 7 months next week.  The really great news is I'm feeling better than I ever remember feeling!  Now that I know and remember what a "good" day feels like, I really am truly shocked at how bad my health had been.  Literally, it had been years since I felt healthy.  We are so thankful for my health! 

I can't even begin to describe how wonderful it is to be able to carry around my little girl without getting exhausted immediately, or to chase her as she runs around the house....and to be able to go out and do activities with my little family without being sick or tired or in pain!  it's absolutely wonderful!  So thank you to all of you who have prayed for my health and believed with us for healing!  God is SO good to us!!!!!!!!
Zach is still doing great! He's loving riding his motorcycle to work in this beautiful warm weather, and he really loves his job.  And is FANTASTIC at it!  Today we were out running errands and a lady came up to us and said "so this is Paisley"....apparently, another one of Zach's very happy clients!  She just raved about him and how she loved looking at his pictures while waiting at his desk. so cute! :)  and he is kicking some serious butt on his loan, credit card, and account goals.  i am SO proud of my amazing husband!!!

Other than my health being so much better, life has been really busy for me.  Things have been crazy and  honestly, very stressful , at my work.  Too many reasons to list, but I will say that the upside is that the warmer weather brings less flu's and such, and will mean a decrease in deaths in our sweet little kiddos.  We lost so many over the winter due to complications from flu, RSV, etc.  so that was really tough, on top of an already very stressful job.  I would appreciate any prayers you would like to send my way that the stress would resolve and it wouldn't wear on me.....But, we continue to press forward and I continue to be more and more thankful for the blessings I have!

And Paisley......what can we say?  She has grown so much and is such a big girl!  She's faster than ever as she has now mastered running....and she has a seemingly endless supply of energy.  (and that's even on days she refuses to nap!)  she is brilliant - I mean, so smart!! she knows her sign language, she mimics our actions and words, and is just learning things so fast.  it's amazing to watch her mind work.  And I know I say it every time, but her name just couldn't fit her more perfectly.  Paisley just totally captures her uniqueness and spunk, and Joy - I mean, the girl is constant giggles!  she is hilarious!  she also wishes to inform everyone that she has now mastered the act of riding Oliver (who isn't so sure what he thinks about it).  And of course, her very serious relationship with her little boyfriend is going quite well.  they continue to remain attached at the hip, and love activities such as holding hands, laying their heads against each other, and hugging.  Luckily his parents are also taking it pretty well, so I suppose we'll see what happens with the little love birds!! <3 haha. 
anyway, as always, our home is open to any visitors who would like to come lay poolside in our warm, sunny weather! :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Things are much more exciting around here these days.  I don't know what happened.  Maybe it was Paisley turning one.  Maybe it was the cold weather that blew into town.  I'm not sure, but....crazy!  So, here's a quick run-down of some of the top news in the Snyder household......

1.  I don't know how I failed to mention this in the last post, but at Christmas we had a mysterious package arrive, addressed to me.  Inside.....6 pairs of wool diabetic walker socks...size XL.  hmmmm.....  I have nothing more to say on this.  i just don't understand - or know what to do with them!!

2. Speaking of mysterious packages...another one came in the mail today.  This time addressed to Zach.....from CHINA.  Inside....a small USB cord?!?!  what is with the weird packages???

And on to some Paisley stories::

3. Paisley is walking like crazy everywhere now!  It's super fun, super cute - and a lot more work now that she's into everything.  She also enjoys climbing and hiding things in random places.  our pediatrician actually warned us last week that not only does she seem a bit mischevious, but that with her height (she's actually at the very top for her age) and her energy level and curiosity - she will probably be a little climbing acrobatic dare-devil.  yay us! :)

4.  Paisley has always had an eye for the tiniest little things.  Her teacher says she knows if a fly or gnat makes it inside, because paisley is immediately chasing it.  At home, she picks up the tiniest dog hair or piece of fuzz on the floor.  Yesterday, I saw her going after something on the carpet by the door to the garage.  I figured it was another little hair and am so done with trying to take those away everytime.  A few seconds later I heard her giggle and saw her about to put something in her mouth.  I got over there just in time to save a tiny living spider's life....GROSS!!!!

5. Shortly after the spider incident, I was punched in the face by my sweet daughter.  The playful punch resulted in a bloody swollen lip, which sweet daughter thought was absolutely hilarious.  on a happy note, won't be needing botox anytime soon! :)

6.  Paisley is really into using her loud voice.  Maybe it's the new fascination with how fast an ear piercing scream can get attention, maybe it's just a little experiment.  Either way, sweet girl is LOUD!

7. Paisley is also extremely interested in the dog bed these days.  She knows she's not supposed to go there.  She turns and gives us a sweet little smile, shakes her head 'no'....then plops herself giggling right across oliver's bed!  what are we going to do with this child?!?!  Seriously considering a dog bed of her own.  At least it would be less hairy!

Otherwise, all is well here! :)  Really, life is so fun - and as crazy as it can be - Paisley Joy adds a special dose of joy to our lives each day that i don't know how we ever lived without!!  And these days she wears herself out quite well! :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Holiday Catch-Up! :)

i know it's been forever since the last update....sorry!  holidays! ;)  i also know that there will probably be no capital letters in this update....sorry!  paisley stole the shift key off the laptop!  it's rather difficult to make capital letters without it, so don't critique me too much - at least i'm finally typing again!!!  it's been quite eventful around the snyder household since the last update.  we've had several bouts of sickness which were not fun and we won't dwell on, but we also had the holidays!  so....

paisley joy celebrated her first thanksgiving and enjoyed every bit of it!  that girl absolutely loves her food - so an excuse to have turkey, mashed potatoes, yams, fruit salad, green beans, rolls - all at once was like a slice of heaven.  she was all smiles as she dug into everything on her tray and she crashed later just like us!

we also got to celebrate our first christmas with our sweet pj.  (all though she celebrated last christmas by causing quite a ruckus in the womb!)  she loved the tree until we realized we're all 3 allergic to live ones now and had to take it down.  so starting next year, we venture into the new world of artificial trees... my parents were able to come down to texas for a few days.  it was so fun and paisley loved the extra audience!  she had a blast with her new presents...she helped open a few, but was more interested in having someone else open and then she could throw the paper around, play with the boxes, then explore the present.  she got so much stuff that she started getting slightly overwhelmed, but she has adjusted quite nicely and is very much enjoying her new toys and clothes. some of her highlights - her puppy violet that sings and says her name and other favorite things, her princess playhut and tunnel, her ride/push princess truch, her baby einstein "ipod", her princess legos and her new shoes! 

she also got to have an early birthday celebration with my parents and she loved the cake!

she had quite an adjustment after my parents left - she kept going and checking the guest room and then would just sit there and pout.  did we mention she loves the extra audience - and cuddles?!?!

and another highlight for zach and i - we got to go on a childless date!!!!!!  it was a first in a loooonnnng time.  zach even went outside, then came to the front door with flowers! :) we went over to the texas gaylord resort (which is absolutely breathtaking by the way - and is the official resort of the dallas cowboys!) and we had dinner at this amazing mexican restaurant that was designed like the san antonio riverwalk.  we were serenaded by a mariachi band with christmas carols and the entire place was decked out in millions of lights.  awesome!!

and a paisley update::
i know that's probably what you're waiting for anyway! ;)  she is crazy these days!  this girl has unreal amounts of energy.  her daycare teachers laugh because she just goes, goes, goes all day (we're talking it's good if she takes a 30 min nap all day) - but she's so entertaining! 
dance::  i think i've mentioned before that paisley loves to dance.  she hears a faint sound of music, the beat of something - even if it's someone tapping, anything and the girl starts shakin her thang!  she's got this new head swinging thing too - not sure what to make of it yet, but it's interesting! 
talking::  she loves to babble - and is getting closer and closer to more words.  she says mama, dada, and baba a lot right now, but she's really working on some other ones and is trying to point and label things. :) if nothing else, she's constantly babbling "sentences". she's also gotten very good at her baby sign language and knows all of her food commands now such as "more", "eat", 'all done" and she's working on "please'. 
eating::  speaking of eating, paisley has earned the nickname "snatcher" at daycare.  she is notorious for going up to other kids trays with a sweet little smile on her face and grabbing their food off if they're not eating fast enough.  daddy is so proud :)
walking::  she's taken quite a few steps now and can easily stand and do things without holding on to anything.  she could easily be walking, but a lot of times she decides it's just easier to crawl or push her truck there instead.  she moved up to the toddler room today (you can shed a tear for us now...our little girl is growing up) and she already came home taking more steps.  i think she'll be running around in no time now.
water activities::  paisley loves her baths, always has.  but lately she's been experimenting with putting her face down in the water and splashing.  what can i say, the girl is fearless.  she thinks it's hilarious to be thrown around.  she flings herself around in the bathtub and laughs.  and she's the only baby i know that voluntarily puts her face straight down under water and then comes up smiling. i think we'll be spending a lot of time at the pool this summer....and lucky for her there's a spray park at daycare!

our crazy little driver and her fun new "parking space".   haha.

zach and i::  we're great!  zach absolutely loves his new job and is so blessed to be working with so many believers who love talking about their faith!  i continue to love my job too.  it's hard.  really hard.  but it's really good too and it's a great place and for such an amazing cause.  and did i mention i got to see most of the cowboys right before christmas?!?  that's right people, jason witten even ran into me and then asked me to point him in the right direction.  zach was so jealous he couldn't even talk to me about it that day - but i was feeling pretty darn good! :)  a perk to working at a place that is constantly being visited by celebrities. oh, and zach is loving riding his motorcycle!

so i think that about catches everyone up.  promise i'll be better at updating so you don't have to read a book next time!  coming soon....paisley's birthday post!!  i can't believe our little ball of joy is going to be one next week.  here's to her last week as a baby! ;)