Saturday, January 22, 2011


Things are much more exciting around here these days.  I don't know what happened.  Maybe it was Paisley turning one.  Maybe it was the cold weather that blew into town.  I'm not sure, but....crazy!  So, here's a quick run-down of some of the top news in the Snyder household......

1.  I don't know how I failed to mention this in the last post, but at Christmas we had a mysterious package arrive, addressed to me.  Inside.....6 pairs of wool diabetic walker socks...size XL.  hmmmm.....  I have nothing more to say on this.  i just don't understand - or know what to do with them!!

2. Speaking of mysterious packages...another one came in the mail today.  This time addressed to Zach.....from CHINA.  Inside....a small USB cord?!?!  what is with the weird packages???

And on to some Paisley stories::

3. Paisley is walking like crazy everywhere now!  It's super fun, super cute - and a lot more work now that she's into everything.  She also enjoys climbing and hiding things in random places.  our pediatrician actually warned us last week that not only does she seem a bit mischevious, but that with her height (she's actually at the very top for her age) and her energy level and curiosity - she will probably be a little climbing acrobatic dare-devil.  yay us! :)

4.  Paisley has always had an eye for the tiniest little things.  Her teacher says she knows if a fly or gnat makes it inside, because paisley is immediately chasing it.  At home, she picks up the tiniest dog hair or piece of fuzz on the floor.  Yesterday, I saw her going after something on the carpet by the door to the garage.  I figured it was another little hair and am so done with trying to take those away everytime.  A few seconds later I heard her giggle and saw her about to put something in her mouth.  I got over there just in time to save a tiny living spider's life....GROSS!!!!

5. Shortly after the spider incident, I was punched in the face by my sweet daughter.  The playful punch resulted in a bloody swollen lip, which sweet daughter thought was absolutely hilarious.  on a happy note, won't be needing botox anytime soon! :)

6.  Paisley is really into using her loud voice.  Maybe it's the new fascination with how fast an ear piercing scream can get attention, maybe it's just a little experiment.  Either way, sweet girl is LOUD!

7. Paisley is also extremely interested in the dog bed these days.  She knows she's not supposed to go there.  She turns and gives us a sweet little smile, shakes her head 'no'....then plops herself giggling right across oliver's bed!  what are we going to do with this child?!?!  Seriously considering a dog bed of her own.  At least it would be less hairy!

Otherwise, all is well here! :)  Really, life is so fun - and as crazy as it can be - Paisley Joy adds a special dose of joy to our lives each day that i don't know how we ever lived without!!  And these days she wears herself out quite well! :)

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