Thursday, January 6, 2011

Holiday Catch-Up! :)

i know it's been forever since the last update....sorry!  holidays! ;)  i also know that there will probably be no capital letters in this update....sorry!  paisley stole the shift key off the laptop!  it's rather difficult to make capital letters without it, so don't critique me too much - at least i'm finally typing again!!!  it's been quite eventful around the snyder household since the last update.  we've had several bouts of sickness which were not fun and we won't dwell on, but we also had the holidays!  so....

paisley joy celebrated her first thanksgiving and enjoyed every bit of it!  that girl absolutely loves her food - so an excuse to have turkey, mashed potatoes, yams, fruit salad, green beans, rolls - all at once was like a slice of heaven.  she was all smiles as she dug into everything on her tray and she crashed later just like us!

we also got to celebrate our first christmas with our sweet pj.  (all though she celebrated last christmas by causing quite a ruckus in the womb!)  she loved the tree until we realized we're all 3 allergic to live ones now and had to take it down.  so starting next year, we venture into the new world of artificial trees... my parents were able to come down to texas for a few days.  it was so fun and paisley loved the extra audience!  she had a blast with her new presents...she helped open a few, but was more interested in having someone else open and then she could throw the paper around, play with the boxes, then explore the present.  she got so much stuff that she started getting slightly overwhelmed, but she has adjusted quite nicely and is very much enjoying her new toys and clothes. some of her highlights - her puppy violet that sings and says her name and other favorite things, her princess playhut and tunnel, her ride/push princess truch, her baby einstein "ipod", her princess legos and her new shoes! 

she also got to have an early birthday celebration with my parents and she loved the cake!

she had quite an adjustment after my parents left - she kept going and checking the guest room and then would just sit there and pout.  did we mention she loves the extra audience - and cuddles?!?!

and another highlight for zach and i - we got to go on a childless date!!!!!!  it was a first in a loooonnnng time.  zach even went outside, then came to the front door with flowers! :) we went over to the texas gaylord resort (which is absolutely breathtaking by the way - and is the official resort of the dallas cowboys!) and we had dinner at this amazing mexican restaurant that was designed like the san antonio riverwalk.  we were serenaded by a mariachi band with christmas carols and the entire place was decked out in millions of lights.  awesome!!

and a paisley update::
i know that's probably what you're waiting for anyway! ;)  she is crazy these days!  this girl has unreal amounts of energy.  her daycare teachers laugh because she just goes, goes, goes all day (we're talking it's good if she takes a 30 min nap all day) - but she's so entertaining! 
dance::  i think i've mentioned before that paisley loves to dance.  she hears a faint sound of music, the beat of something - even if it's someone tapping, anything and the girl starts shakin her thang!  she's got this new head swinging thing too - not sure what to make of it yet, but it's interesting! 
talking::  she loves to babble - and is getting closer and closer to more words.  she says mama, dada, and baba a lot right now, but she's really working on some other ones and is trying to point and label things. :) if nothing else, she's constantly babbling "sentences". she's also gotten very good at her baby sign language and knows all of her food commands now such as "more", "eat", 'all done" and she's working on "please'. 
eating::  speaking of eating, paisley has earned the nickname "snatcher" at daycare.  she is notorious for going up to other kids trays with a sweet little smile on her face and grabbing their food off if they're not eating fast enough.  daddy is so proud :)
walking::  she's taken quite a few steps now and can easily stand and do things without holding on to anything.  she could easily be walking, but a lot of times she decides it's just easier to crawl or push her truck there instead.  she moved up to the toddler room today (you can shed a tear for us now...our little girl is growing up) and she already came home taking more steps.  i think she'll be running around in no time now.
water activities::  paisley loves her baths, always has.  but lately she's been experimenting with putting her face down in the water and splashing.  what can i say, the girl is fearless.  she thinks it's hilarious to be thrown around.  she flings herself around in the bathtub and laughs.  and she's the only baby i know that voluntarily puts her face straight down under water and then comes up smiling. i think we'll be spending a lot of time at the pool this summer....and lucky for her there's a spray park at daycare!

our crazy little driver and her fun new "parking space".   haha.

zach and i::  we're great!  zach absolutely loves his new job and is so blessed to be working with so many believers who love talking about their faith!  i continue to love my job too.  it's hard.  really hard.  but it's really good too and it's a great place and for such an amazing cause.  and did i mention i got to see most of the cowboys right before christmas?!?  that's right people, jason witten even ran into me and then asked me to point him in the right direction.  zach was so jealous he couldn't even talk to me about it that day - but i was feeling pretty darn good! :)  a perk to working at a place that is constantly being visited by celebrities. oh, and zach is loving riding his motorcycle!

so i think that about catches everyone up.  promise i'll be better at updating so you don't have to read a book next time!  coming soon....paisley's birthday post!!  i can't believe our little ball of joy is going to be one next week.  here's to her last week as a baby! ;)

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