Saturday, March 26, 2011

Health and Happiness!

Once again, so much to report from sunny Texas!  But the main reason for this post is to give and update and PRAISE report on my health......

Many of you know my health struggles over the past year.  And though we had so many reasons to move down to Texas, a major one was for my health.  There was no assurance that the move would fix anything, but according to the doctors and all our prayers, it was the best bet.  We've now been down here 7 months next week.  The really great news is I'm feeling better than I ever remember feeling!  Now that I know and remember what a "good" day feels like, I really am truly shocked at how bad my health had been.  Literally, it had been years since I felt healthy.  We are so thankful for my health! 

I can't even begin to describe how wonderful it is to be able to carry around my little girl without getting exhausted immediately, or to chase her as she runs around the house....and to be able to go out and do activities with my little family without being sick or tired or in pain!  it's absolutely wonderful!  So thank you to all of you who have prayed for my health and believed with us for healing!  God is SO good to us!!!!!!!!
Zach is still doing great! He's loving riding his motorcycle to work in this beautiful warm weather, and he really loves his job.  And is FANTASTIC at it!  Today we were out running errands and a lady came up to us and said "so this is Paisley"....apparently, another one of Zach's very happy clients!  She just raved about him and how she loved looking at his pictures while waiting at his desk. so cute! :)  and he is kicking some serious butt on his loan, credit card, and account goals.  i am SO proud of my amazing husband!!!

Other than my health being so much better, life has been really busy for me.  Things have been crazy and  honestly, very stressful , at my work.  Too many reasons to list, but I will say that the upside is that the warmer weather brings less flu's and such, and will mean a decrease in deaths in our sweet little kiddos.  We lost so many over the winter due to complications from flu, RSV, etc.  so that was really tough, on top of an already very stressful job.  I would appreciate any prayers you would like to send my way that the stress would resolve and it wouldn't wear on me.....But, we continue to press forward and I continue to be more and more thankful for the blessings I have!

And Paisley......what can we say?  She has grown so much and is such a big girl!  She's faster than ever as she has now mastered running....and she has a seemingly endless supply of energy.  (and that's even on days she refuses to nap!)  she is brilliant - I mean, so smart!! she knows her sign language, she mimics our actions and words, and is just learning things so fast.  it's amazing to watch her mind work.  And I know I say it every time, but her name just couldn't fit her more perfectly.  Paisley just totally captures her uniqueness and spunk, and Joy - I mean, the girl is constant giggles!  she is hilarious!  she also wishes to inform everyone that she has now mastered the act of riding Oliver (who isn't so sure what he thinks about it).  And of course, her very serious relationship with her little boyfriend is going quite well.  they continue to remain attached at the hip, and love activities such as holding hands, laying their heads against each other, and hugging.  Luckily his parents are also taking it pretty well, so I suppose we'll see what happens with the little love birds!! <3 haha. 
anyway, as always, our home is open to any visitors who would like to come lay poolside in our warm, sunny weather! :)