Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Few Things I Don't Like, And A Lot That I DO!!!

Things I Do NOT Like:

1. That my 17 month old has a better tan than I do (and it's not that I haven't tried!).

2. Running over a giant tarantula on the way to work. (I do not like running over anything that was once living, but somehow many things seem to find their way under my tires.)

3. When Paisley hurts herself.  (I know it's inevitable with the sheer amount of energy, craziness, and adventure inside the child...and she always pops right back up and keeps going.  I still hate it every time.)

4. The end of the weekend. (I don't really think an explanation is needed.)

5. When the dog has gas. (it can easily put you on the edge of death. seriously.)

Things I LOVE:

1. Watching Paisley learn a million new things each day and how she finds complete delight in every single one of them.

2. That I have the world's best husband and Paisley has an amazing daddy. (getting to watch him interact with her and seeing how she just adores her daddy is like a slice of heaven!)

3. The way the Lord always blesses and provides in ways you would've never expected.

4. Sunshine, warmth and water. (all at the same time)

5. Southern accents.

6. Finding a really good deal (and generally any way I can save money!)

7. "Conversations" with Paisley (which usually include a few actual words, a lot of dramatic babbling, some clapping, a lot of dancing, a smile, a giggle, a hug, and sometimes a giant kiss)

8. When the dog actually behaves himself.  (unfortunately, this doesn't happen as often as I would like because he's stubborn, so we celebrate when it does.)

9. Coming home at the end of the day.

10. That Paisley can laugh hysterically at almost anything. (even 2 seconds after throwing a tantrum - reminds me to choose joy - there's nothing worth staying mad about)

11. Yummies in my tummy (coffee, pizza, a good burger or steak, homemade sweet tea....)

12. A clean home (with just a few things still out of place...which reminds me that I have a child...and my home will never again be fully clean by my old standards....but that life will be a lot happier this way)

13.  That I could go on for a long time listing things that I love......... (but tonight, I must stop!)

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