Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Happiest LIttle Energizer Bunny...

How in the world does one toddler have SO much energy?!?!  Every day I watch Paisley and wonder how I could possibly bottle up some of that neverending supply of energy for myself!! 
Currently she is working on mastering a variety of acrobatics - such as climbing as high as possible, jumping off of said high things, and tumbling.  She also loves boxes! :) We have a wild child on our hands - and she knows it!  Our little Paisley Joy has turned into the sweetest, but sassiest little thing.  She loves dancing, yelling, walking while swingin her hips, and has become known around her school as the class clown and ring leader.  And, if I could only capture the stare down, evil giggle, and slight grin we get when we tell her "no".  It's like a battle to see who gives in first.  Often we win, but then we're exhausted, and little bottle rocket RUNS to get into more mischief!  She's a handful, but we love every ounce of her!!
She's also mastered a LOT more sign language, and is starting to say quite a few more words and phrases.  She babbles constantly and with such emphasis on some of the words, like we should understand exactly what she's saying!  She's a funny little thing, and we're starting to realize we should probably appreciate these last days of babble talking, because the way it's looking, we're about to have a non-stop talker on our hands!
In other news, the sun has been shining, and we're all happy as can be that we can play out in the sun and water!  It's so wonderful!  I had a perfect Mother's Day with my little family.  And....we've settled on a home church and we LOVE it!  It fits everything we were looking for in so many ways, we can't even describe it!  The messages are unbeliveable, worship is wonderful, the lead pastor is fantastic, the people are great, the size is perfect....and don't even get me started on the focus on KIDS!!!  I mean, for one thing, you should just see the Kidz Play Zone inside!  Paisley loves her class, we love services.  It just feels like home!!! :)  You can check out the website if you'd like - - www.milestonechurch.com  We just feel so blessed to have found the perfect church for us so easily and so close to home!
So, that's about it for today's update!  We're happy, warm....and sometimes .... exhausted! :)

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