Thursday, July 14, 2011

18 Things for 18 Months

We just can't believe our Paisley Joy is 18 months old already - a whole year and a half!!  On a daily basis we are just floored by how blessed we are to be her parents.  There are so many millions of reasons why she makes our lives, and so many others, just SO much better!  So in honor of her 18 month "birthday", we would like to share 18 fabulous things about our girl!

1. Paisley has such an adventurous spirit!  anything that she can add a little extra craziness to, she does.  She loves climbing, jumping off things, exploring new areas and trying new things.
2. She loves, and we mean, she LOVES to dance!  She claps, spins, swings her hips, does the twist down, and she dances to any and everything...from music to just a tapping she hears, like water dripping.  Currently, her favorite song to dance to is "Moves Like Jagger" :) she knows it from the first note and it makes her boogie over and over. 

3.  Paisley is a big fan of water!  She recently graduated as a Water Tot tadpole from her swimming lessons and she was amazing!!  She loves going all the way under, loves jumping into the pool, loves blowing bubbles... even in the bathtub, it's like the girl is part fish.

4. Paisley Joy has a joy that just naturally draws people to her.  Long before she was born, it was one of the first things the Lord told us about her - that she would draw people in and impact them through her joy.  So, we shouldn't be amazed that we can walk into a store and she instantly has several people around her...but it really is quite incredible to watch.  Teachers at daycare fight over having her in their class, parents come by just to say hi to her and see her smile, and she instantly makes people smile across a crowded restaurant.

5. Along with her ability to draw people in, she has an incredible ability to comfort people.  She is known at school for giving hugs to people who are having a bad day.  If a child is crying, she'll sit with them, hug them, and help them feel better.  Teachers have even taken her down to the infant room with them, and she'll go from baby to baby patting their heads and giving them a kiss.  She just has a way of making everyone feel better!
6. Paisley has thousands of expressions, and one heck of an attitude.  Her face is literally so expressive that we notice a new one almost daily.  Additionally, with her new "big girl" attitude, she has started rolling her eyes at us, crinkling her nose, and saying "uh-uh" and running away..... (yes, we have to discipline sometimes, but we secretly think it's kinda funny and cute)

7. She has recently discovered a new fun activity....KISSING.  Now, we love it - there's nothing like having your little girl plant one on you...or blow you kisses across the room.  HOWEVER, she has her daycare boyfriend, along with some other lovestruck boys, and we've heard there's been an extra amount of smooching going on in the classroom.  (hello gray hair...)
8. Paisley is fearless.  She will try anything with no reservation.  She has common sense, but we have to say that it just makes us proud to watch her dive into any new situation with such excitement.

9. She is in such an exploration stage right now.  There is something so amazing about watching your child discover things for the first time, or watching her figure out how something works...  It's so refreshing to watch because it just reminds you of how many "wonders" there are in everything!
10. Paisley has a crazy, insane amount of energy.  BUT, like everyone, she has her limit.  And while we love her energy, there is something so sweet about that short time before bed when she's worn out.  She gives the best sleepy cuddles.  She curls up in your lap and just snuggles...and it's wonderful!!

11. Paisley Joy is a little comedian.  We can't understand half of what she says, and some of what she does, but this girl is hilarious!  What's better...she is constantly cracking herself up, sometimes to the point of silent laughter and tears - and she has the absolute BEST giggle!!!!!

12. She has a new thing where she sprints as fast as she can at you and jumps on you into a full hug.  I don't think it needs much explanation - it's awesome! :)

13. Paisley is a constant talker, and has a very quickly expanding vocabulary.  She has got the cutest little voice (which can be quite loud when she wants), and she is always eager to tell us stories.  One of these days, I'll have to catch some conversation on video to share....
14. With her increasing vocabulary, and her love for words, Paisley has been making up lots of new songs for us.  Some of her latest singles include the hits, "Baby Bee" and "Boooo Peep!"

15. She is also a great sharer!  Even when she's eating, she will grab some and offer it to you.  So cute!
16. Paisley has a fascination with riding things right now.  She's always loved trying to ride Oliver, but lately if she can get to us, she jumps on our backs and yells "GO"!  maybe she needs a pony?!? ;)

17.  She has a little pink princess chair that she sits in when she gets to watch a show.  Lately, the chair just wasn't exciting enough.  She's found that she can rock it back and forth really hard, and then with one final push, send it flipping backwards, spilling her out and leaving her giggling....
18. And finally, in keeping with the "big girl" theme of the post - she is enjoying all things big girl.  She officially will not use a high chair anymore, so she has her little kids table that she pulls her chair up to for meals.  She loves her big girl carseat and helps strap herself in these days.  And big girl is starting to show some interest in the big girl potty.....when did she get so big???  It seems like just yesterday, she was this small....

So there you have it - - - 18 things we adore about our beautiful princess!  Happy 18 month birthday, Paisley Joy!!!  We love you more than you'll ever know!

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