Thursday, September 13, 2012

Baby Girl has a NAME!!!!!!!

After much deliberation and searching for the perfect girl name, we had it narrowed down.... but we were still having trouble deciding. We wanted a name that was unique, meaningful, fitting....and it was difficult to decide in the end! So, we decided to let Paisley make the final decision! She's been so excited to have a baby sister and we really wanted her to be involved in the areas that she can. So, we gave her 3 names and she immediately chose one. In fact, she chose the same name over and over, even we tried to 'trick' her! :)  So, it's settled....

adelyn jane snyder

...will be joining our family soon!! The name worked out perfectly! We had been really trying to incorporate Evelyn into one of our children's names. Besides just being a beautiful and elegant name, Evelyn was my grandmother's name (my mom's mom). She was an incredible grandma and a wonderful and beautiful woman who did so much for others! I wish she could've been here to see me get married and to meet her grandchildren...but I know she's still watching over us and smiling. So we took one of our favorite names and switched it up a bit to add Evelyn to it, and voila - Adelyn! Adelyn also means "noble beauty".... :)  We also love the one syllable middle names, and had a couple that we loved. But then we thought it would be fun to stick with middle names that start with J, and that took us down to just one on our list....Jane! We've both really been drawn to the name Jane for some reason. It's beautiful, simple and means "God is gracious" and "gift of God". We also just found out from Zach's grandma that it was her grandma's (Zach's great, great grandma) name. She had wanted the name Jane passed on in the family. Zach's grandma didn't find out until after she had all of her children because her grandma had died at such a young age..... It was so fun for us to find this out! Our daughter will have names passed on from both sides of the family now!!!!

So, there you have it! Adelyn Jane is on her way! Hearing Paisley talk about baby Adelyn all the time is just the sweetest. Baby girl also already has several nicknames from family and friends....AJ, Addie J, and I'm sure there will be more. Just like her sister! :) Pics of baby girl's room are coming soon, but here's a sneak peek!

Three Girls and a Boy!

We were absolutely thrilled to find out we were going to have another baby. Pregnancy is not the easiest for me....and according to the doctors, the likelihood has been that if we were able to have one more, it would most likely also be the last. I have been blessed to have a little bit easier time with this pregnancy...maybe some of it was just knowing what to expect and being able to handle it a little better, but I really think the Lord also decided to give me a little bit of a break! :) I'm finally holding everything down, so besides quite a bit of fatigue and pain, and more than a 'normal' amount of pre-term contractions, I'm doing well and hanging in there! (Prayers are still appreciated. We'd like baby to stay in there as long as possible, even if we have another preemie. And I'd like to stay off bed rest too!)

We were also quite excited to find out we're having another sweet GIRL!!!! It was a little funny because 99% of people were sure it was a boy, but baby girl cooperated and made it quite clear on the ultrasound! If you had asked us before having Paisley if we thought we'd end up with 2 girls, or could even handle it, we probably would've laughed... but, we're definitely looking forward to it! It's gonna be a lot of drama, a lot of girly, a lot of giggling, a lot of high pitch voices, a lot of bossiness, and a lot for daddy to handle. But a house with 3 girls and a boy it is!!!! And we're ready for the challenge!

Paisley loves talking about baby sister, and I think it's becoming a little more real that the baby will actually live here too. Though I don't think anything will prepare her for the shock that she will have that first week when baby sister is here to stay, stealing some of our attention that Paisley is so accustomed to having... But at the same time, we know she's going to love it! She's going to be a fantastic big sister!!!

Paisley Joy....An Update on Our Amazing Toddler!

Paisley Joy....we hardly have words to describe how amazing this child is! I know many of you keep up with us on Facebook, but we sure wish you could all see her on a daily basis!

Here's some of our favorite Paisley moments from the past year:

-She did a fabulous job of potty-training herself just before she turned 2, and we helped her master the final details with the help of some M&Ms!

-She loves to sing, she often makes up her own songs about what she is doing, something we just said, etc.  She has the sweetest voice and just cracks us up with her songs. A current favorite is "Daddy you craaaazzzzyyyyyy, Mommy you craaaazzzzyyyyyyyy!!!!" sung in a very high and dramatic voice! And she loves to dance!

-She is a MAJOR talker! She talks constantly...about anything and everything. Sometimes we think she talks (louder) just to try to prevent us from talking! LOL! Currently, she's quite the "creative" back talker too....which is super fun! :) Many times it takes the form of "Don't tell me______" or "Don't talk to me right now!" or just plain continuous talking to try to avoid hearing what we're saying....

-She loves helping. One of her favorite things is helping to make breakfast on the weekends - she is the queen of muffin making!! She wants to help clean, organize, carry things, put us down for "naps" (probably mostly to avoid taking one herself).... and she wants to do everything herself these days - pick her clothes, get dressed, open every door, etc.

-She is SOOOO excited to be a big sister! She talks about it a lot and loves spending time in the baby's room. She even tries to get extra snacks, stickers, and other perks at school by saying she need an extra one for the baby!

-She's the leader in her class and others naturally follow her (which she enjoys!), she's super compassionate and empathetic (she gets teary eyed watching others cry and instantly gives them a hug and asks how she can make it better), and she is certainly NOT a pushover... this girl plays rough and tough too and sure knows how to stand up for herself, which definitely makes her parents proud!!

-She loves praying at bedtime and sometimes goes on for quite a while with all the things she's thankful for.... most recently she added, "thank you Jesus for the lorax!"  And we get in trouble if we say "Amen" before she does!

There is so much more we could say about our little girl....but we must say we just ADORE her! She is entertaining, brilliant, sweet, and AMAZING!

A LOT of catching up to do!!

I finally was able to gain access back to our blog after being locked out for several months....grrr!! So expect a few rapid posts to get you back up to date on our lives!

Let's's been a year since I was last able to post, so here's the short timeline:

*We moved to a new house....same city, different neighborhood...and a lot more room!
*We celebrated Zach's birthday (twice...LOL) since the last post!
*We said goodbye to our dog, Oliver....he's super happy now on a huge ranch where he can run free and chase scents to his little heart's desire (and Paisley's allergies/immune system finally have had a chance to build and develop properly!) 
 *Our little Paisley turned 2!!! And life continues to get more and more exciting with every passing day....more on that later.
*Zach started a new job at a different credit union, which has been a much better fit and much less stressful!
*We found out we were expecting, much to our delight! Even more excitement....more on that later too!
*We survived a few crazy storms (and even got a new roof out of it).

I'm sure there's much more than that....but there you go! You're basically caught up on our lives.....