Thursday, September 13, 2012

Baby Girl has a NAME!!!!!!!

After much deliberation and searching for the perfect girl name, we had it narrowed down.... but we were still having trouble deciding. We wanted a name that was unique, meaningful, fitting....and it was difficult to decide in the end! So, we decided to let Paisley make the final decision! She's been so excited to have a baby sister and we really wanted her to be involved in the areas that she can. So, we gave her 3 names and she immediately chose one. In fact, she chose the same name over and over, even we tried to 'trick' her! :)  So, it's settled....

adelyn jane snyder

...will be joining our family soon!! The name worked out perfectly! We had been really trying to incorporate Evelyn into one of our children's names. Besides just being a beautiful and elegant name, Evelyn was my grandmother's name (my mom's mom). She was an incredible grandma and a wonderful and beautiful woman who did so much for others! I wish she could've been here to see me get married and to meet her grandchildren...but I know she's still watching over us and smiling. So we took one of our favorite names and switched it up a bit to add Evelyn to it, and voila - Adelyn! Adelyn also means "noble beauty".... :)  We also love the one syllable middle names, and had a couple that we loved. But then we thought it would be fun to stick with middle names that start with J, and that took us down to just one on our list....Jane! We've both really been drawn to the name Jane for some reason. It's beautiful, simple and means "God is gracious" and "gift of God". We also just found out from Zach's grandma that it was her grandma's (Zach's great, great grandma) name. She had wanted the name Jane passed on in the family. Zach's grandma didn't find out until after she had all of her children because her grandma had died at such a young age..... It was so fun for us to find this out! Our daughter will have names passed on from both sides of the family now!!!!

So, there you have it! Adelyn Jane is on her way! Hearing Paisley talk about baby Adelyn all the time is just the sweetest. Baby girl also already has several nicknames from family and friends....AJ, Addie J, and I'm sure there will be more. Just like her sister! :) Pics of baby girl's room are coming soon, but here's a sneak peek!

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  1. I love her name!! Beautiful. My Emna's middle name is also Jane. I liked that it could be translated to mean, "believer in a gracious God." may our girls speak of God's grace! Congratulations!! ~Abbey Riehs