Thursday, September 13, 2012

Three Girls and a Boy!

We were absolutely thrilled to find out we were going to have another baby. Pregnancy is not the easiest for me....and according to the doctors, the likelihood has been that if we were able to have one more, it would most likely also be the last. I have been blessed to have a little bit easier time with this pregnancy...maybe some of it was just knowing what to expect and being able to handle it a little better, but I really think the Lord also decided to give me a little bit of a break! :) I'm finally holding everything down, so besides quite a bit of fatigue and pain, and more than a 'normal' amount of pre-term contractions, I'm doing well and hanging in there! (Prayers are still appreciated. We'd like baby to stay in there as long as possible, even if we have another preemie. And I'd like to stay off bed rest too!)

We were also quite excited to find out we're having another sweet GIRL!!!! It was a little funny because 99% of people were sure it was a boy, but baby girl cooperated and made it quite clear on the ultrasound! If you had asked us before having Paisley if we thought we'd end up with 2 girls, or could even handle it, we probably would've laughed... but, we're definitely looking forward to it! It's gonna be a lot of drama, a lot of girly, a lot of giggling, a lot of high pitch voices, a lot of bossiness, and a lot for daddy to handle. But a house with 3 girls and a boy it is!!!! And we're ready for the challenge!

Paisley loves talking about baby sister, and I think it's becoming a little more real that the baby will actually live here too. Though I don't think anything will prepare her for the shock that she will have that first week when baby sister is here to stay, stealing some of our attention that Paisley is so accustomed to having... But at the same time, we know she's going to love it! She's going to be a fantastic big sister!!!

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