Sunday, October 21, 2012

Resting and Nesting

Unfortunately, the two don't really go together...but it's the stage I'm stuck in. Modified bed rest and an over-the-top urge to finish nesting. So, read on if you want all the details!

Anyone who knows me knows that "rest" is not really a part of my vocabulary..... I don't like to do it and I hardly know how. However, I've been on strict modified bed rest for a couple months now - and it seems to keep getting stricter (and harder). Of course I'd do anything for the sake of my precious children and so resting it is. I know little Adelyn could care less about which little DIY projects I finish before she comes. We have the essentials done (and honestly a LOT more)! But there is still that part of me dying to deep clean everything in the house, make more decor for the nursery, plan recipes for after she comes, rearrange furniture.... you know, all the things that if I don't get done, we won't survive!! LOL!

But, I'm trying! I'm faithfully putting in my daily hours of bed rest, no matter how uncomfortable or boring. I'm crossing things off my to-do list that are becoming more and more unrealistic (yes, Zach is a HUGE help...but I don't expect him to sew extra crib sheets or changing pad covers in the perfect colors....or create a fancy new DIY mobile!) I'm finding creative ways to do things (like cut and pin things to sew) from a bed rest position- until Zach makes me stop! :)

We really do appreciate everyone who has checked in on my health, Zach and Paisley's sanity, and of course, Adelyn! Medically, we've had ups and downs. I continue to have contractions (and unfortunately they're not B-H), lots of cramping, and it's all causing my body to progress more quickly toward labor than hoped. I got the news that my uterus is much more "damaged" than once thought and my cervix is fragile and hanging in there, but close to useless (i know, sorry it's TMI for some). 

But there have been huge victories too! My doctor had a very honest conversation with me a few weeks back and said that if we had asked her (or her fellow OBs) in my first trimester how this pregnancy would go, she would've continued to encourage me as she did, but would've told me my chances of carrying even to 20 weeks were poor. But I (thankfully) didn't ask about chances....and she knew that I was already aware it could be tough so she decided the best thing was to encourage me, keep stress low as possible, celebrate each little milestone, pray and trust God, and honestly discuss obstacles as they arose. Have I mentioned how much we love my doctor?? She is amazing!!

And here we are nearing 32 weeks. This was one of the major milestones she set for me (30 was the first). Baby is staying strong. We've been able to stop contractions early enough each time. I'm not having to stay in the hospital. And another victory last week - one issue had been that Adelyn was already "locked and loaded" in my pelvis with her head pushing down (NOT helpful with my other issues). The doctor has been having me try extra rest and elevating my legs and pelvis to try to at least alleviate the pressure. This week, she actually "disengaged" and turned transverse again!!! Doc says it's a miracle she wasn't expecting, but should certainly help me carry her longer if we keep the contractions controlled! We laughed that in a few weeks we'll probably be praying for her to turn down again! oh life!!

So, we're hanging in there.... We're to the "safe zone", meaning even if she came now she has excellent chances. Every day/week means a healthier girl with a shorter NICU stay and happier parents! Next goal is Nov 9 (into the 34th week), but really we're shooting for Nov 14th when I'll have my last sono and testing. Anytime after that, my doctor will likely not stop labor from progressing. It's close to the time I had Paisley (and we all know how she turned out!!!), and it probably won't be worth the risk of complications to me after that point....

We'll keep you posted, but again, we can't thank you enough for the prayers!!!

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