Friday, December 21, 2012

Introducing Adelyn Jane...

It's been 3 wonderful (and exhausting) weeks since little Adelyn Jane joined our family, so thought I'd finally get around to posting about it for those of you who have asked! As most of you know this pregnancy definitely had its challenges. Over the last couple weeks before she was born I was technically in active, but stalled, labor. I was having regular and painful contractions for weeks, cramping that felt like I was being stabbed with knives, nausea, and intense pressure from her being so low. There were several times we were all sure she was on her way out, even the doctor, but then....nothing! For weeks I was at the point of being ready for her to come since even the Tylenol codeine didn't dull the pain, and it was said that what my body was doing was a "medical mystery", but we (doctor included) determined that timing was definitely God's doing! We had several tests and sonograms over the last weeks of pregnancy that basically showed that my body had "given up" on being pregnant and Adelyn was not growing as well anymore. It was decided to closely monitor us both and keep her in for development purposes for as long as it was safe. At 36 weeks she was still not growing and the umbilical cord was weakening. But miraculously, she was hanging in there and her organs continuing to develop/strengthen! However, with my medical issues and the fact that she was not benefiting from staying in any longer, it was decided to induce. Even though I had been in active labor, dilation was stalled. We still wanted to do a natural birth, but since I didn't progress well with pitocin last time and Adelyn was so small my doctor did set some limits. Basically we would start induction very slowly to keep Adelyn from distress and then see if I made any progress over a few hours (with Paisley I was maxed out on pitocin 3 times over 36 hours before it did anything) and then evaluate the plan again. My doctor knew my history, but said she had a good feeling we'd have a sweet little baby by 6-8pm. I thought that was a bit ambitious, but sounded nice!

We checked into the hospital at 6am on Friday, November 30th and began the pitocin. We were optimistic that it would work since I had been having contractions for weeks and she was so low. After several hours, nothing. They decided to give the pitocin a good jump and see if that would got painful, but progression was still extremely slow. I was getting a little frustrated, but then at about 3pm I really felt like my water broke, though I didn't have any big gushes. I told my nurse, but she wasn't so sure. She did the paper test and it didn't show amniotic fluid, so she told me I was just losing bladder control with strong contractions. After another 45 minutes of it, I was so sure I was not peeing my bed!! My doctor came back in and said if I thought my water broke she was sure it did, even if the test didn't show it. She checked and I had developed a high tear in the amniotic sac... Yes, weird again, but then a few minutes later, it finally fully broke. We were all so excited that labor may finally get moving. Within a few minutes, contractions got pretty excruciating but I still had a way to go with dilation. The nurse told me I may want to reconsider pain meds or an epidural, but I remained stubborn. Like I said with Paisley's birth - you get to a point with enduring so much pain that you don't care anymore and just want to tough it out and not give in right before the finish line. (I know, I'm crazy.)

At about 5pm, dilation began progressing, but the contractions got out of control. The pitocin was turned way down, but the contractions were coming basically on top of each other and were too intense. With the pain and no chance to catch my breath, I was basically blacking out between major contractions and Adelyn was showing some distress as her heart rate would drop extremely low with the big contractions. I was put on oxygen and they continued to work to slow the contractions as I still wasn't dilated enough to have her yet. Zach was awesome during this time, though I knew he was really concerned and kept having to shake me out of the blackouts... He let me squeeze the heck out of his hands during the pain and he played me videos and sound clips of Paisley singing and dancing to help distract me! As they started to get the contractions slightly more controlled, my doctor and the nurses stepped outside the room to give me a little peace and said they'd come back in awhile to check my progress. Probably less than 5 minutes after they stepped out (it was just after 7:15 when I looked at the clock), I just had this horrible feeling that Adelyn was just going to pop out. I had Zach call for the doctor immediately. She had been standing right outside the door because she had a feeling Adelyn was going to come fast when she decided to make her appearance. Well, she was fast in fact that I couldn't control the pushing part. I was only at an 8 but we knew she was coming NOW. The doctor told me to try to "squeeze her in" while she got her gloves on, etc. (easier said than done...I had no control, but I layed on my side, crossed my legs and squeezed as hard as I could - LOL!). I think the doctor got one glove on by the time Adelyn was making her way out! And at 7:22pm, voila! We had a tiny, beautiful baby!!!

We were all thrilled to see how healthy she was! We had been prepared for a NICU stay, but our little teeny 5 pound, 17" daughter was a fighter! We actually only ended up having to stay in the hospital until Sunday!! It was amazing and such a blessing! My doctor came to visit several times and told me with teary eyes what a sweet little miracle Adelyn was....and after making it through the crazy labor all natural again, she said I was her heroine, but also one of the most crazy women she knew. Lol...ask my parents, and my husband... I've always been on the stubborn side! (did i mention how much we LOVE my doctor?! she is amazing!! And we had great nurses! Also, if you haven't heard about our cute grandma nurse.....well, she loved Zach! haha!)

So,Adelyn is doing great! She truly is very strong and we are so thankful that the Lord kept her in for so long so she could be more developed. Despite so many times when there were risks of her coming so early...He always had the perfect plan! We're all adjusting to being a family of four, but we just feel so much more complete having our TWO GORGEOUS DAUGHTERS! Paisley adores Adelyn and is such a great helper! I'm not sure Adelyn was prepared to receive the number of hugs and kisses she gets in a day from her sister, but she knows she's loved!

So that's it... We are so thrilled to celebrate Christmas with our two girls here at home! Happy Holidays to all and again, we can't thank you enough for your prayers throughout this pregnancy and delivery!



  2. OH wow. Totally cried. This is amazing!! Thank you, Lord, for the miracle of baby Adelyn!! And YOU are amazing, Steph!!!!