Monday, January 14, 2013

Three Amazing Years!

Our beautiful Paisley Joy turned 3 today and I think I'm in denial!
How can my first baby girl already be such a big girl?! I watched her today and was just amazed at how much she has grown in the past 3 years! We've had a blast celebrating her big day! So in honor of our ball of joyful energy - 3 things we celebrate about our 3 year old...

ATTITUDE // Sometimes her pure sassiness makes us wanna scream, but most of the time, we love her 'tude! She is so independent and has such strength and confidence! She faces challenges boldly! She is always optimistic. And she loves being the boss! :)

COMPASSION // Paisley is one of the most selfless toddlers I know. She is constantly thinking of others. She shares, she's always checking on how others are doing, she's giving and she just loves people! Paisley is genuinely concerned for others. If she sees someone crying, she hugs them and tells them it'll be okay and sits with them til they're better. She loves singing about and talking about Jesus' love! It is so incredible watching her compassion in action!

ENERGY // She is a ball of energy! She would much rather run around like crazy than ever sleep. She's like an energizer bunny and her energy is filled with pure joy! She is so fun (and exhausting) to watch!! And maybe her energy is past of what makes her so hilarious! This girl is crazy funny! She's so witty and loves to laugh! Everyone needs a little Paisley in their lives...she makes everything better.

Happy birthday to our princess! We are so proud of you and who you are becoming! We love being your parents, sweet girl! You make every day brighter!!

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